Wednesday, 1 June 2011

"The delights of the chemical smile..."

Suede were the epitome of superior ’90s cool – all ambiguously wired allure coupled with edgy music, they tackled themes such as violence & drugs, whilst celebrating society’s disenfranchised youth & scrapheap underdogs. Their primitive honesty, black BLACK humour & seamy, steamy songs were played out at their best during searing live performances & essential b-sides.
Dogged by ridiculous press pigeonholing we loved them for their scornful, smirking judgment & riotous lyrics. Suede - glamorous guttersnipes perhaps, but always gazing at the stars.
1 June

(From Animal Nitrate)


  1. So June is Suede month! Yay! Jx

  2. love Suede, my favourite band :)