Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"St. John of the Cross did his best stuff imprisoned in a box."

26 October

(From There She Goes, My Beautiful World)

"The night was cold and vast."

25 October

(From The Hammer Song)

"There's a devil lying by your side, you might think he's asleep but look at his eyes..."

24 October

(From Loverman)

"I ain't down here for your love or money, I'm down here for your soul..."

23 October

(From Deanna)

"You played the patriot, you raised the flag & I stood at full salute."

22 October

(From Nature Boy)

"Well I've been sliding down on rainbows, well I've been swinging from the stars...seems I'm sweeping up the ashes of all my former fires..."

21 October

(From Brother, My Cup is Empty)

"Sorry it don't make it right, I'm sorry for things I can't even mention..."

20 October

(From Thirsty Dog)

"Is there anybody here who feels this low?"

19 October

(From Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow)

"& a murder of crows did circle round - first one, then the others flapping blackly down."

18 October

Not crows, but grackles...

(From The Carny)

"I must remove your wings & you, you must try to fly."

17 October

(From The Ship Song)

"...Visits the home of the brave, hails a fat yellow cab..."

16 October

(From Jangling Jack)

"& I went on down the road..."

15 October

(From Papa Won't Leave You, Henry)

"I travelled this world around for an answer that refused to be found."

14 October

(From Nobody's Baby Now)

"I awake with a hatchet hanging over my head."

13 October

(From Jack the Ripper)

"Father, why are all the women weeping?"

12 October

(From The Weeping Song)

"The line the God throws down to you and me makes a pleasing geometry ."

11 October

(From Abattoir Blues)

"You can see it everywhere you look..."

10 October

(From People Ain't No Good)

"Well the night was deep and the night was dark..."

9 October

(From John Finn's Wife)

"& I don't believe in the existence of angels."

8 October

(From Into My Arms)

Friday, 7 October 2011

"You'll see him in your nightmares, you'll see him in your dreams...he'll appear out of nowhere but he ain't what he seems."

"You're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan,
Designed & directed by his Red Right Hand..."

7 October

(From Red Right Hand)

R.I.P. Willow...

Beautiful, good-natured & much-loved cat, today the sad victim of a hit & run........


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

"Love comes a-knocking, comes a-knocking upon our door..."

"...But you, you & me, love, we don't live here anymore."

4 October
(From Foi Na Cruz)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

"Why the ceiling still shakes? Shakes! Shakes! Shakes! Why the fixtures turn to serpents and snakes?"

As well as a warning (promise?) of what's to come, the bandname Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds should be reason enough for everyone to love them.
They have something for everyone too, should you care (dare?) to look.
Beyond nightmares, the presence of their songs can be by turns terrifying, hysterical & thrilling. Lyrically, marinated in religion, violent death & love-turned-ghastly; musically, experimental, expert & tense.
Whatever your preconceptions, this is a band for all seasons, throwing their cautionary tales to the wind of our everyday existence.
Having said that, I was going to save St Nick for December......................but the Bad Seeds are infinitely more Hallowe’en than Christmas.

1 October
(From From Her To Eternity)

"We slip through the streets while everyone sleeps, getting bigger & sleeker & wider & brighter..."

30 September

(From The Lovecats)