Saturday, 1 October 2011

"Why the ceiling still shakes? Shakes! Shakes! Shakes! Why the fixtures turn to serpents and snakes?"

As well as a warning (promise?) of what's to come, the bandname Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds should be reason enough for everyone to love them.
They have something for everyone too, should you care (dare?) to look.
Beyond nightmares, the presence of their songs can be by turns terrifying, hysterical & thrilling. Lyrically, marinated in religion, violent death & love-turned-ghastly; musically, experimental, expert & tense.
Whatever your preconceptions, this is a band for all seasons, throwing their cautionary tales to the wind of our everyday existence.
Having said that, I was going to save St Nick for December......................but the Bad Seeds are infinitely more Hallowe’en than Christmas.

1 October
(From From Her To Eternity)

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