Thursday, 1 December 2011

"Everybody has their own opinion - holding it back hurts so bad..."

I have toyed with the choices for band of the final month of the year.
In the end, I settled on Jane's Addiction.

Yet "settling" seems like the wrong verb.
"Settling" isn't what I'd associate with them. "Unsettling" might be closer.

Because there was always something a little bit off about them.............a little bit European.
Even their most commercial song was about shoplifting. & getting away with it.

That was & is their ultimate genius - in the sheer & utter joy in the seamier side of life, the fun of bad behaviour, in lack of consequence, bad habits & decidedly dodgy activities.

In addition, they have simply made some of the best music ever recorded.
(In fairness & on World Aids Day, a wider social conscience certainly exists in their political lives but where's the entertainment in that?)

1 December

(From Mountain Song)

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